After living in, and loving, Southern Spain for the last 30th years, working in the real estate Business, and after receiving a lot of international travellers who also fell in love with the sunniest corner of Europe, Irealised that an increasing number of my clients desired to rent a luxury villa in quiet and private surroundings, with a hotel-style service. But there was nothing that fitted the bill.

The real estate agents care little about the maintenance of houses they represent, they have no idea about the desires of every clients.

On the internet, nearly all of those in the villa renting business, want more and more houses to fatten their portfolio.

Also when you arrive at Malaga Airport, your holiday destination, nobody will be there to assist you. Problems with the language, with a rent a car, finding the place are frequent.

In a rented house, nobody is waiting you, the fridge as just the basic, some times not,so you have to go for your shopping, will you find the place, do you understand Spanish?. Same story for the cleaners, gardeners, electrical gates, outside lighting, swimming pool...endless problems.

For those reasons I decide to offer personalized service throughout your entire stay. At your convenience, we offer a chef to prepare your meals, and poolside food and drinks, plus a chauffeur and maid service.

Our driver can drop you at the Picasso Museum, Alhambra de Granada, the Giralda of Sevilla, on Marbella's private beaches, or the restaurant that we can reserve for you.

Alain Van Cranenbroeck, owner of Rocamar