Picasso Museum in Malaga

The visit to the Picasso Museum in Malaga from Villarocamar would take around 30 minutes by car.

Villarocamar is ideally situated in the center of the "Costa Del Sol" in the South of Spain.

The motor way is at 2 miles from Villarocamar, from there you will find the Museum in the center of the city. where Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born. It opened in 2003 in the Buenavista Palace, and has nearly 300 works donated by members of Picasso's family.

In 2009, the Foundation Paul, Christine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso that owned the collection merged with the Foundation Museum Picasso Malaga that operated also the museum and the Casa Natal "Birthplace Museum" in the "Plaza de la Merced".

And now some Historical facts:

The idea of a Picasso museum in the city of the artist's birth was first seriously discussed in 1953, during the Franco era.

The artist was in touch with Juan Temboury Álvarez, the Provincial Delegate for Fine Arts in Malaga and they discussed a possible site but nothing came of it. Christine Ruiz-Picasso, widow of the artist's eldest son Paul Ruiz-Picasso, worked with Malaga to help to put on the exhibitions Picasso Clásico ("Classic Picasso") in 1992 and Picasso, primera Mirada, ("Picasso, the first glimpse") in 1994.

This led in 1996 to rekindling the idea of a major Picasso museum in Malaga. The museum opened 17 October 2003, with the king and queen of Spain in attendance.

Christine Ruiz-Picasso donated 14 paintings, 9 sculptures, 44 individual drawings, and a sketchbook with a further 36 drawings, 58 engravings, and 7 ceramic pieces, 133 works in all.

Her son, Picasso's grandson, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso donated another 5 paintings, 2 drawings, 10 engravings, and 5 ceramics, for an overall total of 155 works. The collection ranges from early academic studies to cubism to his late re-workings of Old Masters many additional pieces are on long-term loan to the museum. There is also a library and archive including over 800 titles on Picasso, as well as relevant documents and photographs.

Two, three times a year you will find some additional temporal exhibition.

You will find also a very nice little café with a delightful terrace, and a shop with Picasso reproduction articles.

If you don't want to drive to long, there is a small Picasso museum in Mijas, 10 minutes driving from Villarocamar.

Picasso Museum in Malaga

This Museum has recently opened. On permanent show you will find the second most important collection of Picasso ceramics in the world. En exhibition well worth visiting.

Furthermore, on the first floor, the museum is planning to show different art displays, changing every 3 months. For the moment they are showing an exhibition named “Picasso, his friends and contemporaries” featuring among others works of Dali and Braque, both fine artists indeed. An amazing exhibition for a small village! The museum is small but definitely it's worth to pay a visit. Info's and leaflets in English at the deck. You can be sure that Villarocamar is an ideal place to visit Malaga and of course Mijas.